What Is Jay-Z Working On Next?

Jay-Z may just have another surprise in store for 2019!

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know Jay-Z is the best ever. You may disagree, but you will be hard pressed to name a rapper and business person in Hip-Hop that has done what he has done. That said, I heard Jay is looking to do a lyrical drive-by on you hoes! This year, Jigga released the album EVERYTHING IS LOVE with his lovely wife Beyonce! The Carters would go on to tour as well, breaking all types of convention and set a tone for a number of copycats. No shade to Faith and Stevie J, but they ain't Jay and Bey! Now, Faith's album with Biggie may have set the tone for this. I don't know! Sorry. I got off track.

The point is, next year Jay-Z turns the big 5-0. There are rappers that are 50 and up, but none of them have the consistency and quality of work like Jay-Z. I am hearing there will be a new album coming next year to further solidify Jay-Z's GOAT status to both the young and the old. His last album, 4:44, was extremely dope. It also had a great story to tell thanks to the personal drama to come with it. It will be interesting to see what the next album will offer. 50 is a real number in Hip-Hop, but Jay stands to be like the Rolling Stones of rap. Those guys are basically dead, but their ability to keep touring is incredible.

What do you think about it all?

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Jay Fell off. Rapping aint really his passion anymore. His circle that fed him is played out in the industry and music isnt their passion.These young dudes wanna go woo woo after some subpar punches so he cant really get work from them. He rhyming he flowing but Jay had clever punchlines.