What Is Rick Ross Up To?

Rick Ross continues to move towards greatness so listen up!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I know people are going to hate me for this one, because I ain't gonna really say nothing. BUT...I am going to say a likkle something. Rick Ross is working on his next album, Port of Miami II, and people are ready for it. He just released the Port of Miami II and folks are going crazy over it! I definitely was! Check that out first.

Anyway, here is the part where I can't say anything. I have been informed that Ross has an incredible collaboration on this album! I mean this is probably the most unlikely collaboration in the world. Only thing is I can't say what or who. Rozay has been working on this album for over a year, I believe and he's really built up a lot of hype around it as well. He updated people earlier this year, but it has been radio silence ever since. Just know...I believe he's looking to take the crown this year.

This is the follow-up to his 2006 Port of Miami debut that got him on the world radar in Hip-Hop. Honestly, I thought that was a decent album, but definitely not a classic one. This sequel is going to be very different and I believe it will take him over the top as an artist. “Hustlin’" was the song that got us on board and propelled the opus to certified platinum on July 28, 2016. This is the latest album since 2017’s Rather You Than Me.

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

He's come a long way.

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This song is smooth, about time he put something out, he been sub par for a while--GEECHI LIBIRACHI


Probably calling his old correctional officer friends to see if there's any new inmates tht have a life he wants to steal 👌👌👌. Officer Ricky 😆😅