What Is The Real Reason Nipsey Hussle's Marathon Store Closed Down?

Something is off with this whole closing of Nipsey's store!

(AllHipHop Rumors) If Nipsey Hussle's Marathon Store made $10 million in a month...why would the physical store be shutting down? Honestly, it does not make sense to me. Now, Lauren London and the crew are saying it is just too much, which does make sense. I am quite sure online orders are easier to process and, with the store still being a morbid tourist attraction, hard to deal with in the physical form. My opinion.

There's more.

Some reports state that Nipsey Hussle left everything to his oldest daughter, Emani. Remember she was the lovely, but shy/scared 10-year old child that was unable to speak at his funeral. If that is the case, his ex-girlfriend Tanisha could possibly be in control of the WHOLE ESTATE! So, this is the reason why - IT SEEMS - his half sister Samantha Smith filed for custody of Emani. Recently, Blacc Sam also backed this move of guardianship. Samiel Asghedom, known as Blacc Sam, submitted a declaration in support of Samantha Smith obtaining guardianship of Emani.

For some reason, Nipsey's cars have been getting repossessed as well as this $10 million. It all seems weird.

What say you?

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Honestly sorry I read this. I don't need to be more sad about the situation