What Rapper Is In Intense Therapy, But It Ain’t Helping?


Once upon a time, there were these things called blind items. Well, we are about to re-introduce them. Blind items were basically rumors that didn’t have a name attached and fans would have to figure it out because the ramifications would hit if they named the name. This is one of those instances. There is a powerful rapper who is in serious therapy. He - like many rappers - came up hard. That trauma has caused him to lash out at people - both friends and enemies - in a way that has not helped his career. It HAS helped his social following tremendously.

However, even though he seems to be a wild and crazy guy - and he is - he’s getting help. He’s apparently been in intense therapy every step of the way to help him deal with all the things he’s had to endure. Is it helping though? I’m not so sure. HE GOES IN! And, clearly he does not have to face any real ramifications, because he’s rich. So maybe it does help and its helps him hold back and even more manic spirit inside.

Anyway, who is it?

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