What's Beef? Cardi B Says She Spoke To Nicki Minaj!

Nicki what's good?! It seems like Cardi B is holding back the truth about her relationship with Nicki Minaj.

(AllHipHop Rumors) It seems like since Cardi B got hot, Cardi and Nicki Minaj's fan bases have been trying to claim or create what may be an imaginary beef between them.

Both rappers have denied any kind of beef, and they have even shown love to each other on social media. Rumors of an alleged beef surfaced after Nicki's enemy, Remy Ma, brought out Cardi B out at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert to perform.

Nicki's fans felt like it was disloyal on Cardi's part, but Cardi has repeatedly made it clear that she has no beef with anyone, and that she refuses to miss any opportunities over someone else's beef.

What's interesting is the fact that although Cardi is about that life, and will throw those hands in a heartbeat, she's taken the safe route in all of her interviews when she's asked about any alleged beef or possible subliminal shots being thrown her way.

I wonder is she being political, or is she truly taking the high road to solely focus on her career and eliminate the drama.

Cardi recently stopped back by The Breakfast Club to chat it up and talk about her successful year. DJ Envy asked her what was going on with her and Nicki Minaj and had they talked.

"Yeah.... you know what I'm saying, we just conversated."

Charlamagne asked her who called who, but Cardi dodged the question. Then Charlamagne asked her who her lyrics about a certain person sending subliminals at her was about?

Cardi did a good job of playing it off, as she moved on to talking about her having beef with at least "10 b-tches in the hood".

Okay Cardi, but what's good with you and Nicki, Cardi?

Body language is everything. Cardi paused when answering the question about her relationship with Nicki, and she wanted to move on quickly. She seems to low key be revealing that there's more going on between them than she's willing to let us in on.

Nicki better pull a Drake and try to jump on Cardi's little wave right now lol. Can we get an all-female "Bodak Yellow" remix though. Hell with Remy, Nicki and Lil Kim on it, and they can all sub or take direct shots at each other. LOL.

What are your thoughts?

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