What's Cooking? Lil Kim & Remy Ma Spotted On Set Of A Music Video

Spotted! Lil Kim & Remy Ma were spotted on set of a music video. Maybe it's for a collaboration for Remy's forthcoming album.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remy Ma & Lil Kim have been very serious about getting to the music and the bag!

Remy brought out Kim and others during Summer Jam, and last month they were spotted in the studio together. While it looks like they united under the umbrella of empowerment, one can only wonder if there will be some shade from both thrown in Nicki Minaj's direction.

They say that no one links up quicker than two women who don't like the same girl. LMAO.

Well Remy has been working on her '7 Winters 6 Summers' album, so it looks like we know that Kim may be on it for sure.

What would be dope AF and move the culture is for Remy, Kim, and Nicki to bury the hatchet and do a song together!

A few folks have shared onto social media the fact that Kim & Remy are on set for a music video together, so are you here for this collaboration? Are you anticipating the video?

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