What's Going On With Ceaser's Driving License?

Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink was caught driving with fake a license.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Martin Payne once said, “A lovely day at the DMV it is.” No matter what state you’re in, the DMV is no joke. If you don’t believe us, just ask "Black Ink Crew" boss Ceaser Emanuel. He has his license to ink people up but reportedly his drivers license was mad suspect.

According to reports, Ceaser (real name David Emanuel) was arrested Friday in NYC after the cops say they caught him running through a red light. On top of all that, he didn’t even yield to pedestrians while driving through a residential neighborhood in Brooklyn. Must have been trying to get to client.

When he handed one over his L’s it read "Emanuel Thomas" with a date of birth that was off by 8 years, saying he was born in June 1971. His actual date of birth is 1979. They arrested him on the spot and booked for misdemeanor false impersonation and other traffic violations.

Ceaser is denying all of these allegations.

Black Ink Crew is set to debut its eighth season and is still one of the most popular reality shows. The show is so popular that it has spun-off shows in Chicago and Compton.

My man Ceaser might need a driver after all this.