What's Nicki Minaj Talking About? Anti-Black Statements?


Nicki Minaj has stated some comments that seem to be anti-Black.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don't know what to say about Nicki Minaj sometimes. She is one of the greats and yet, you get the sense that she's going down fast. She recently married the man of her dreams after dating Nas and Safaree. I am not going to comment on that. Ya'll know the deal. She's made some recent comments that have people talking. Some of this has been deleted.

Tell me what you think...

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This is just weird. She is saying...white are better?

I must dig deeper! 

It seems like this is a response to Wendy Williams. They are going back and forth because Wendy had something to say about her man, Mr. Petty - I think. Wendy is alway beefing with somebody so I ignored it when it happened. 

What I find interesting is she called Black people "blacks" like she isn't one of us. I am so weirded out because she is Black. She also used to call Black women Nappy Headed Hoes and other stuff that really isn't cool. But I digress. I think she is mostly stick of our "judgement" because white folk don't care that you raped somebody or killed somebody. That "somebody" was probably Black. So, homie gets a big fat pass in the mainstream.

I am not gonna post what people are saying, but it ain't good. I will leave it there. 

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People's like her is really a nobody cause they make they way to the top then you started bs , but i never like her fak ass noway plus she cant rap so what the fuck. She dont even give to her community or minds so fuck you how bout that met me outside sloppy put together ass.


No accountability whatsoever for the biased content that you all put out.


This is what she is talking about! Yall keep attaching her name to what the men in her life has done. Why even bring up her brother when talking about her at all. Now "black media" wants to flip the narrative because she is stating facts. This woman gets dragged mercilessly for everything. To be honest I see why she found solace in a man with a criminal past. Black media said nothing when her name was being dragged through the mud by men in the industry, when a nonblack woman threw a shoe at her, black media called it real. Black women have been called roaches and our babies monkeys by a nonblack woman and you all did not hold her accountable. It has become cool to constantly mock and degrade Nicki Minaj so much so to the point it is disgusting. Where was black media when a black man sat on stage with a culture vulture tearing her down? Im so sick of these fake only woke when its convenient supposedly hiphop sites. Oh and how about use spell check before posting your articles. When reading articles with grammatical errors such as the aforementioned, it comes off as fake outrage and elementary.