What Went Wrong With Amber Rose's SlutWalk?

Some things did not go according to plan at the SlutWalk this year.

(AllHipHop Rumors) First of all, lets talk about what went right! Amber Rose managed to pull off another SlutWalk! Men, you cannot violate a women for any reason! That is all Amber is trying to say with her "walk" with a bad name! The march went down on Saturday, which was both a good and bad day. It was a good day because there was a looming irony with the confirmation of now Supreme Court judge Kavanaugh. Anyway, the bad side was that if fell on the same day as the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Dag! Why'd they go and do that!?

Well, Amber's homegirl Chyna Blacc made a personal decision and did NOT go to the SlutWalk! She ended up going to the BET Hip-Hop Awards and was a star feature, from what I heard! People were all over her the whole time! My sources tell me she has a new tattoo on her back and her only stipulation was people couldn't touch her back. I heard she was super cool, pretty and had fans following her all over. But, that may not sit well with Amber Rose. According to the internets, the two no longer follow each other on Twitter at least! Some say they have been "cool" on each other for a min anyway. So this may just be the total end of the road.

Here is what Amber allegedly feels about THAT:

> “One of the biggest days of the year for Amber is her SlutWalk. She finds it very important to put on and appreciates all the support she gets from her fans, sponsors and friends so having Chyna ditch it was a major slap in the face. She was very disappointed in Chyna for not showing up,” a source close to Amber tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Last, but certainly no least....FOXY BROWN! Foxy, who is looking quote good these days, posted the following on IG! She never deleted it!

> My fans have, and will, always take precedence!

> Apologies to the Slut Walk Nation and my beloved fans, due to the unprofessionalism of the

> Slut Walk Team.

> Horrified, tickets are still being sold; (with me as headlining act),

> even after organizers refused to provide even the basic accommodations, (and technical budget alloted).

> I’ve championed Dancehall Queen Spice

> to perform alongside me, giving you guys an unprecedented hip hop & dancehall performance!

> While everyone is disgusted by the lack of respect shown, STILL, I encouraged

> @spiceofficialto soldier on for our fans,

> kill it for us both.

> @benjicarlisleI feel your disappointment,

> we all do.

> Transparency of the classless, concerted effort to stop greatness, but GOD is greatest!

> Just know I ONLY, and solely agreed to do this for YOU!

> @webbmusicceo💋

> LA I’ll see you guys very soon!

> ❤️King Fox

Here is the video.

As for me? Me?

Lastly, a report said that the numbers at the SlutWalk are going down so maybe...just maybe she needs some people like Blacc Chyna to keep the masses marching.


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