When Nicki Minaj Claps Back, Fans Better Duck!


Nicki Minaj is not about to let a fan do her wrong in the open space of social media.

(AllHipHop Rumors) If you thought you were bearing witness to a nicer kinder Nicki Minaj that is the victim of predators...you were wrong. I mean, maybe we are. So, Cardi B and the Migos and kinda sorta do Nicki wrong and get these docile, sniffy words. But, if a "nobody" on social media says something they get this:


If you thought Nicki went soft, you were sadly mistaken. On Twitter, she put something on the social media outlet about finishing up "Barbie Tingz." Before I continue, I thought the video was DONE or at least super close to being done since she dropped it AND a preview. But, maybe that was just there to serve another purpose. I wont get into that, but lets just say that the video is coming. Here is what transpired.


WOW. She showed some "ugly" herself in that one. I get it:the fan sent a shot her way. But its not like these rumors are new or you cannot just ignore for the greater good. Right?

Nicki didn't stop there.


At least she can walk nicely.


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she teases us all, DAMN that would be fun to hit from the back!




Meanwhile, u WALK!, 2 the bus stop. BROKE HURTS, DONT IT?πŸ€£πŸ˜‚



Ridiculous is u gettin on the internet runnin yor mouth while fixin yor eyes... ur a victim of ur own hate. RTS#


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yeah that walk is not sexy at all. please tell me thats not what she really looks like. that is dissapointing


Such a fucking victim... And shit she did pay to look like that.. & that ass is fucking ridiculous.