Where's Offset? Astronaut Has His Eye On Cardi B!


Astronaut Scott Kelly wants to take Cardi B to outer space.

(AllHipHop Rumors) After some pretty interesting tweets, one can't help but to wonder if astronaut Scott Kelly was hacked recently.

Kelly is the astronaut who holds the U.S. record for the most consecutive days in space with 340.

Apparently he's settled back down to Earth pretty well as tweets from his account showed him pitching a collaboration to rapper Cardi B.

Maybe Kelly was also bumping "Bodak Yellow" this summer.

Out of all of the rappers Kelly could pitch a collaboration with, why in the world would he pick Cardi? Hmmmmm I guess because she's one of the "hottest" things out.

If Kelly wasn't hacked, we may have to cancel him because he also tweeted "foxnews.com" without any context either.

Offset better watch out, as Kelly might be trying to bring Cardi down to Houston. LOL.

If Kelly wasn't hacked, what do you think he wanted to collaborate with Cardi on?

Kelly has since deleted his tweets, but if Mona Scott-Young, Offset, and Cardi are down to have their wedding on the moon, Kelly will be the first to know. LOL.

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