Where's The Beef? Wendy's Dropping A Mixtape?


You want beef? Wendy's does too...and its right here...fresh beef.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let me tell you. Hip-Hop is the most powerful musical force on Earth. If you don't know, just look at Wendy's. The burger brand has been on social media going at its rivals for quite sometime. Everybody has gotten quite a quick out of it. I wonder if Steve Stoute is behind all this. It smells like dude. But I am not made or complaining. Wendy's announced today that is has a mixtape coming (or out) called "We Beefin" and "they trending." too.

Take a look:

The mixtape has songs like "Twitter Fingers" and "Rest In Grease." It seems like they want to go at rappers too. Anyway, I am really waiting for Burger King and MAC Donald's to respond to this.

By the way, I was unable to locate the mixtape on Spotify.

With that, I say...where's the beef?

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Yes. That should be interesting.