Where Will 50 Cent Take Power?

The man 50 Cent is rumored to be taking his Power show on the road, but is that possible?

(AllHipHop Rumors) The battle between 50 Cent and Starz seems to be really heating up. At the end of the Power season, 50 told all of us to stop watching Starz and cancel our service. It seems that the homie feels that they don’t respect his “power” to move audiences to the network. “I don’t think the Starz network realize your watching POWER because it’s my show. So take Starz out of your cable package after you see POWER tonight. Then they will understand I bet.” Oddly he said “bet.” The word on the street is that 50 Cent might be trying to take his show on the road to BET. I doubt the legalities of the television world would allow him to just up and move the whole situation to another network. Do you think this would work for Power? I’m thinking he needs to work it out with Starz so we can keep it raw and uncut.

Fif is like:

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The show would lose its edge if it goes to BET. It would ultimately end up being a bad move. HBO or maybe even Netflix makes more sense.