Which Rapper's Wife Did Mase Admit To Smashing?!


You have to throw a name out Mase!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It's been a lot going on in these Hip Hop streetz in the last few days.

Mase said a handful when dissing former pal and rap peer Cam'ron, but now folks are circling back and wondering who exactly he was talking about when he said he f-cked the King of rap's wife on "The Oracle".

Folks immediately began to speculate if Mase was talking about Biggie or Jay-Z's significant other**.**.......or wait maybe someone else?!

Lawd! Mase already claimed that Cam smashed his own sister, and Cam claims he actually smashed Mase's sister.

When Mase said he dipped on the set it took me out. LOL.

What I realized is everyone was smashing everyone back then apparently. Sometimes I wish all of the '90s scandals could leak so I could laugh!

So BIG allegedly smashed Anthony Mason's girl, Pac allegedly smashed Big's wife, Faith Evans, Suge definitely smashed and impregnated Dre's girl Michel'le, Jay was supposedly smashing Nas' baby mama Carmen, and now we have Mase admitting to smashing someone.

Who do you think Murda Mase or Pastor Mase is talking about?



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No. 1-1

I heard some lady named Adele or something....Hov chick at the time. Probably a lie or was not Hov woman . Mase=Fraud