Which Rappers Were A$AP Rocky's Ghostwriting Comments Directed At?

Some Hip Hop fans are wondering if Rocky was calling out the 6 God.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) A$AP Rocky continues to make headlines in 2018, but this time it's for allegedly dissing a Toronto Rapper. Earlier this month, A$AP Rocky did an interview with Steve Balin and Forbes.

The conversation ranged from Rocky being named the "Flyest Human Being Alive" to an A$AP Mob movie to extraterrestrials.

The interview with Balin and Forbes was actually an A$AP Mob interview. The Forbes contributor also interviews A$AP Ferg, A$AP Ant, A$AP Nast and A$AP Twelvvy.

However, Rocky is making headlines due to his statements about Hip Hop and their placement in the game. When speaking about placement they are referring to the A$AP Mob as a whole.

Rocky answers,

"I think we discovered that when we started to become a group. Most of the time when people tried to rap together usually an older person puts it together and curates it. But when you naturally, organically meet on some Mobb Deep, Roots thing, when you meet and it’s organic and everybody rocking with each other I think that’s the energy when we say Stash House and freestyling, bring back the essence of what we used to."

"It’s just everything that we love doing, everything about hip-hop just don’t even matter no more. You don’t have to have skills to rap, you don’t have to be a dope rapper to rap, you don’t have to even have talent to rap. Everything I’m saying is fact. All you need is a ghostwriter. F**k all the politics of what you need. There are so many acts that are just mediocre that are winning. My point isn’t to make them lose, my point is that mediocrity is oversaturating the game and we just keep s**t level.," continued A$AP Rocky.

Many people have taken the ghostwriter statement as being a diss to Hip Hop's most famous user Drake. This has spun to rumors of A$AP Rocky dissing Drake for being mediocre in real life and only popular with the assistance of ghostwriters.

Me personally, I don't think Rocky was speaking about Drake. I think he was referring to some new emerging acts, but I don't know. What do you think?

Do you think A$AP Rocky is right about Hip Hop's acceptance of mediocre lyricists?

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it's not hip hop's acceptance of mediocrity moreover that it's corporate's saturation of it. Truth is, old wealthy people have several insentives to filter complex, thought provoking, social/ political/ economical commentary thru contemporary pros into the audible muck and mire repeatedly programmed to us. Sparking the minds of urban youth is counter productive to trapping their bodies. New slaves need broken spirits.