White Conservatives Are Hot About Black Panther!

Radio show host expresses her thoughts

By Ne' Richa (@iAmNeRicha)

(AllHipHop Rumors) As to be expected, Black Panther has awakened many racist, tone-deaf, misinformed, and uneducated, (white) conservatives who can’t stomach the idea of seeing a strong black man in the position of power.

Angela Box, a radio show host, took to her blog page to gives us a piece of her mind...no matter how tiny it may be. She expressed that Black Panther was merely propaganda to push the white genocide agenda forward and that liberals are to blame.

Flipping every positive aspect of the movie to a negative, she expressed that if it were a “white” movie it would be seen as racist.

Making references to Wakanda isolating itself from the rest of the world, she tried to insinuate that it’s comparable to Trump’s “build a wall” mentality.

Did you guys hear about that new movie White Panther? It’s all about this white king who wants to build a wall around his kingdom. Oh, and he also makes all of the #MeToo women call him “My King” and has a quest for racial purity in his kingdom. Oh wait. Flip that script. My King! That movie is called Black Panther and if you insert the word “black” for “white”, it pretty much sums up the comic book on which the movie is based.

Angela lets it be known that she would never watch the movie. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called willful ignorance. Maybe if more people took the time to educate themselves on race relations, we’d have more ability to unite as a people?

Unfortunately, as long as there are people around like Box who rally her troops, it becomes more and more clear why I wish a real-life Wakanda did exist. #FlightBooked

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The Black Panther is a Black african dressed as a black panther. A black panther is a savage animal that lives in the jungles of Africa. The Black Panther is a cool comic character but he's still somewhat of a stereotype of what people think that africans are like which is some one that's savage and lives in a jungle. Africa is more than just a Jungle. And Wakanda was inspired by a savage African tribe created by Edgar Rice Burroughs called Man-eaters. 'Later Scott and the elder Mortons are killed by the native Wakandas' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man-Eater


The Black Panther comic and the Black Panther Party came out in the same year according to this article. Also the symbol of the Black Panther was used in the Black Community so essentially they stole/culturally appropriating our culture/style.