Who Bit Beyonce? The Suspects Listed!

We have a listing of all the suspects that may have bit Beyonce's pretty face!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let me tell you…this rumor game is serious! If somebody bit Beyonce back in the day, it would not come out immediately. But, guess what has happened!? 1) Somebody bit Beyonce! 2) Tiffany Haddish dropped the dime! Who the hell would bite the Queen!? Did they die?! All we know is that it was an actress!


You can’t go biting anybody, much less Beyonce!!

As you can imagine, this is a thing.

Everybody has an idea on who it could be:

Now, the Twitter Investigative Bureau (TIB) says the following actresses were there:

Queen Latifah,

Sanaa Lathan,

Sara Foster,


Queen Latifah

Who done it?