Who Is Future Calling Out On “Low Life” ?

The Weeknd and Future recently dropped a song called “Low Life” (produced by Metro Boomin.)

Photo via Future’s Instagram

The Weeknd said he had some things coming up for a while, and this was one of them. We hate subliminal shots; we need rappers to call out names! Before we ask you did the song live up to your new music expectations, we couldn’t help but to wonder who Future is talking about on the track. He says,

“N*ggas try to ride my wave, now they f*cking salty. Running with the wave get you killed quick.”

Who is Future talking about? Who tried to ride his wave, and who was unsuccessful doing so? Hey, Metro Boomin tried to tell these rappers that trying to follow Future’s path to success won’t make them heat up like Future. What are your thoughts?