Who Is Kanye Going To Do "Watch The Throne 2" With?

Watch The Throne was a classic album with a pair of classic artists, but...who will be apart of Kanye's planned sequel?

(AllHipHop Rumors) You probably saw this already. Kanye West has revealed that he is going to release "What The Throne 2" - I mean "Watch The Throne 2" in the very near future.

By now, we know that Kanye West has used his status as an icon and celebrity to also troll the hell out of us. As media, it is quite maddening! But, this is the world that we live in. Know that Kanye said that he would never do another Watch The Throne with Jay-Z and I believe he means that. That was 2016. In 2018, this is where we are with Kanye. Black people in record numbers have swore off him, for a number of reasons including his Trump support and MAGA hat. Some have felt like his apologies have lacked sincerity and others feel he's doing whatever it takes to get back in Black America's good graces. I personally don't know what that is.

SO...the big question: WHO CAN HE DO WATCH THE THRONE 2 WITH?

Recently, Kanye seems to have an affinity for younger artists. Could it be...

Chance The Rapper?

Chance loves Kanye. He's also from Chicago. He's got a "woke" mentality and is a young leader. He has also been seen in the studio with Kanye recently.

Tekashi 69?

I don't know much about what they are working on, but we do know that Tekkie is generally considered the "King of New York" these days. He's also from Brooklyn like Jay-Z. Unlike Jay-Z....just about everything else.

Lil Pump?

They just did a song for a porno company and he sells a lot of music. ¯\_()_/¯


They just did that album Nasir and got a lot of attention for it. Do I think it is too soon for another collabo with as much brand cache as Watch The Throne? YES.


I know that Kanye said this would never happen, but...maybe? Honestly, of all the options, this is the best one if it is a duo with somebody. Is it likely? NOPE!


Lastly, maybe there is a concept album with a bunch of people on it. It would seem to me that Kanye is working with quite a lot of people these days and also reuniting with many as well. I think there is a real possibility here too. This would include Pusha T, Drake (with whom he recently deaded beef with) and others like Common.


No. 1-1

Why not a watch the throne with Pusha T ... if you gonna throw pump and 69 in there . And pump aint even get a Verse the song lol.