Who Is Safaree Calling Out?


Photo via Safaree's Instagram

Safaree recently went on a Twitter rant, and one can't help but to wonder who he is talking about. Safaree said he's been playing the nice guy for far too long, and people don't respect the humble guys. He feels that if he starts making noise to get people to realize he isn't playing anymore then they will trip. Apparently someone has been threatening Safaree as well as he tweeted,

"It's funny how ppl w/money don't have the balls to handle sh*t themselves but wanna have n*ggas calling n threatening me..Grow the f*ck up."

Safaree also says,

"It ain't about fixing sh*t don't muthaf*cking hit me bout sh*t! I'm smart I don't fight stupidity. I'll leave that up 2 the ignorant n*ggas."

Who is Safaree talking about? Could it be Nicki Minaj? He said it's not about fixing things, but he also said he feels she still needs to pay up and give him his credit. We wonder who is communicating threats to Safaree. Hmmm.