Who Is Trying To Kill NBA YoungBoy?

A lot of talk about NBA Young Boy is going on. Here are some facts.

(AllHipHop Rumors) NBA YoungBoy. The name rings bells all over America, but not quite for the reasons a layperson such as myself might know about him. He's not a hooper. He's a rapper that simply ain't a rapper. Recently, he got in a shootout that left one of his own people dead, a 19-year old girl. And another person was grazed, a 5-year old boy. And on top of all that, they say that Youngboy himself was shot in the arm. And through it all, he manages to STILL make it to the Rollin Out Festival in Miami! Even with his homegirl dead!? Now, that is noooooooooooo fux given.

His security did a pretty good job though. They managed to kill the dude that was shooting at him and killed the 19-year old girl.

Damn bro! But more has transpired. People are saying that this may be the result of beef between the crews Tee Grizzley and NBA have! This is some real old fashioned beefing! By the way, this is all alleged, but there are several reports out there saying this stuff.

There is a lot of misinformation out there. For example, the 19-year old girl was taken to the hospital, not murdered. So, we don't know anything right now, but the authorities are all over this thing. It just seems like so many of these rappers are all over the place! Shootings and crimes and concerts! I know I sound like an old white man, but damn! Let's get back to the music even thought I don't listen to the music!

I would like to broker peace with them!

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Something is not right with dude if he performed the same day his gf got shot