Who Realllllly Got BET To Move The Hip-Hop Awards For The Million Man March?


If you were a G, you went to both the BET Hip-Hop Awards and you also went to the Million Man March 2015 last weekend. Snoop sure did. Diddy sure did. AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw Creekmur sure did. The remainder of the Hip-Hop community….not so much. Now, be clear, there were cats there like Common, J. Cole, Dave Chappelle, Jay Electronica and others, but only a few did both. We heard the story a few weeks ago that Russell Simmons gave BET a strong message and the network moved the Awards up a day so it didn’t conflict with the MMM aka Justice or Else. But, did he? I heard that it may have gone down a bit differently. Snoop hosted the awards and I heard he actually put HIS foot down and let BET know that if they were going to clash with the March, they he was not going to be the host this year. And BET loves Snoop! So, however it went down is how it went down. Shout out to Snoop Dogg!





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