Who's That Girl? Eve Recalls A Rival Female Rapper Crashing Her Show!


We may like Eve on 'The Talk' if she's going to continue dropping stories like these. She has to say names though too!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Listen, Eve is trying to make sure she is here to stay on 'The Talk'!

It's only been about two weeks in and she's already bashed Nicki Minaj's Paper magazine cover, as well as told a story about a mystery female rapper that allegedly once came to her show to try to mess it up.

Eve told her fellow hosts, the audience, and fans about how competitive it is coming up in Hip Hop and the music business period! She also expanded on how a female rapper who was bigger than her at the time came to her Chicago show to steal her shine.

"I had like, two songs out... and of course I'm excited... I happened to be in Chicago [for a performance] and the promoter at the time called me and said, 'One of your friends just called and wants tickets to your show,' and it was another female rapper who I wasn't friends with. And so I said to him quickly please don't give her tickets to the show because I already knew something would happen. He was like, 'I have to give her tickets because she's bigger than you and I don't want to mess up this relationship.' So I said okay in my head as I'm getting ready for the show like there's no way this girl would show up to my concert. She showed up to my concert. She stood behind me on a balcony, and people started screaming her name so I immediately wanted to cry, but the rapper in me and the Philly in me was like, 'Oh, you want to battle me?'...She didn't want to battle me at all, she just wanted to mess up my show. God bless her, I have to say I'm probably much happier in my life than she is now," said Eve.

So of course we all want to know who E-V-E is talking about. Fans on social media immediately began to speculate that it was Foxy Brown.

Hmmmmmmmm, what female emcee do you think she was talking about? Apparently, Eve feels that the rapper has been hit with karma though.


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She was talking about Queen Latifah


Eve has told this story several times ALWAYS saying foxy's name. They've NEVER gotten along but Eve and Lil Kim are friends and even did a song together. Eve has always talked about how sweet Lil Kim is and how it was a joy of hers to meet Lil Kim


@Yo-Money Nah, Kim was never a hater. I'd expect that from Foxxy all day.


It was Lil' Kim not Foxy Brown.