Who Ya Got? Internet Erupts In Nelly Vs. Drake Debate!

The Internet never seems to let us down, especially not Black Twitter!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I’m not quite sure what sparked this, but I’m always here for a good debate. Some things shouldn’t even be debated [see Kodak Black Vs. Lil Wayne], because the truth seems obvious, but I’m also here for watching people make idiotic invalid as well as comedic points on the ‘net too.

Anyway the big social media debate last night was which run was more impressive: Drake’s current run or Nelly in his prime?

Both Drake and Nelly aren’t afraid of singing or trying new sounds, and because of it, both also have a lot of female fans.

Although they may not be at the top of everyone’s ‘Best Rapper’ list, their commercial success is certainly undeniable!

Welp, I suppose their similarities were enough to spark a Twitter feud. As of last night, it looked like Nelly Nel was winning.

In your opinion, whose run has been better? Who is more important to the culture?