Why Are People Obsessed With Dave East's Clothing?

Dave East is now the subject of much internet chatter.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am from the world of OG's at this point things tend to confuse me. One rule we had was you don't judge men. These days the rules have changed quite a bit. Recently, Dave East has been the subject of people that want to judge his various looks. When he changed his hair, it was a big deal. Remember this: "Why Are People Judging Dave East's New Hair?" Well, it continues. Dave was in Harlem on the nice day that was yesterday and took a flick with the man known as "Ghost" aka actor Omari Hardwick. People didn't have much to say about the iconic pic, but they had plenty to say about Dave East's choice of clothing. I am sure he has clapped back.

Look I'm old enough to have been around when streetwise was Karl Kani, fubu, triple 5 soul and them but you must evolve people we can't just be wearing plain old tees and jeans the same way year in and year out that's boring and I see no problem with this gentleman's clothing if it bothers you don't wear it but the shaming has got to stop its 2018 we got more important stuff to do than judge anyways


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I like the fit