Why Did Dr. Dre Remove Pic Celebrating Daughter's USC Acceptance?

Dr. Dre may have brought attention to himself and his daughter for all the wrong reasons!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I have no doubt that Dr. Dre's daughter EARNED her way into USC. HowEVER, they may have picked the wrong time and the wrong moment to brag about it! Dr. Dre and his consiglere Jimmy Iovine. You know they both donated upwards of $70 million to USC for a huge building. They made the donation about 6 years ago and then they broke ground about two years ago. Fast forward from 2017, Dr. Dre's daughter Truly Young gets accepted to the prestigious school seemingly on her own merits.

Here is the thing, after giving $70 million, your kid is going to make it in the school, somehow, someway. Even if she earned it, which is it clear she did...she had favor. I think subliminally, there's this Black millionaire laughing at a bunch of white people that clearly cheated. The inference is that Dre's kid didn't earn her way into the school. But, clearly she did. No, way in hell would Dre play himself mocking the Hollywood and rich when he himself was guilty. Right? However, the timing could not have been worse.

So, he and his daughter took down their posts and likely got a bit laugh at it. Black or white, the fact remains that there are millions of very smart, under-privileged people that have disenfranchised from these higher institutions. So, while there is no formal word, I can only imagine that they reconsidered the gravity of the situation and opted to take it down. Good call. Too bad, we can't celebrate our wins for somebody else's sins.

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He took it down because he must've forgot he donated 70 million to USC. Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts to be exact lol