Why Did Fabolous Yoke Shiggy Up?

Fab did "The KEKE comedian" like his little brother!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remember when you would get into a little school squabbles? Some of ya'll don't know nothing about that. Back in the day, you actually had to fight or just get bullied! Nowadays, people shoot up the whole school get get back at the bully! You would get bullied and then take a week or so to get your courage up and then beat the sh#t out of the bully! The aftermath...that was another story. Anyway, Shiggy is one of the men of the year for his ability to help Drake score another hit with "In My Feelings." He's been around for quite some time and, I thought it was all good. Apparently not!

In a random concert, Fabolous grabs up Shiggy old school bully style. Now some say this was scripted out. Fab has this smirk on his face, but I know that face. Shiggy is clearly uncomfortable! And Fab won't let go! To me the energy is saying "Help" and "You are going to listen, boy." Take a look.

I'm thinking Fab was like "AYE - that ish you did with Drake, do that for me. I need a dance too! MAKE IT OR ELSE!"