Why Did Young Buck Change His Name To Buck Shotz?

Did Young Buck make an error in changing his rap name?

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is not a "I hate Young Buck" situation. I don't. I actually thing Buck is super dope and he's one of the reasons why G-Unit was such a strong team. But, he is trying his best to get out of the situation with 50 Cent and he may have made a tactical error! He has rechristen himself with the name "BuckShot." Now, normally that would mean very little, as Buckshotz are the projectiles that come out of a shotgun. But the alliteration already has folks saying stuff like "Butt Shotz" and "Back Shotz."

As you know, they are going low when Michelle Obama said we need to go high! But this is a nod to the rumors that suggest that Buck likes trans men. I am not even concerned with that right now. Here is where Buck made that proclamation.

Now, listen up, because Buck still got that heat!

Here is the issue. There is already a rapper named Buckshot and he's from the iconic rap crew Black Moon. Remember them?

Granted that was a long time ago, but Buck is still a man of a certain age right? As long as there its no beef, I am cool.

Buck ain't playing no games though. I hope he and 50 see each other.

That man happy.

Also, Buck Shot Shorty!

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