Why Didn't Kanye West Do Info Wars?


Kanye West is so interesting that here is yet another article about his antics.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I know a lot of you are smarter, and more informed than me. So, feel free to educate me on Info Wars With Alex Jones. I can never quite grasp this guy's modus operandi. But I suspect he is an enemy of the state as well as the enemy of Black people. Again, help me out here. Candace Owens and Kanye West were slated to show up on the show and I, for one, waited with baited breath.

I was like, "He's gonna do it!" However, Kanye West is in a world of s**t with people all over the place unless you are in the Alt Right. I know that some people are supporting him, but not that many. I wold say that the free-thinking geniuses are backing Kanye West. BUT, when it came down to doing the Alex Jones show, only Candace showed up. DAMN! A lot of people in Hip-Hop have done Info Wars and very little has come out that works for Hip-Hop. So, at the day's end, I am not sure why Kanye didn't do Info Wars. I believe that he simply could not put that much fire on the proverbial fire.

What about that James Shaw, Jr. though?

I am going to start adding something more important that Kanye at the end of every Kanye post until this nightmare ends.

Lets go!

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