Why Does Chance Think People Want Him To Kill Himself?

Chance Tweeted How Thinks Some People Want Him To Kill Himself

(AllHipHop Rumors) After the release of his so-called debut album, Chance the Rapper should be celebrating his success. Instead he’s talking wild. Out of the blue, the Chicago MC said he feels that fans want him to kill himself. What? YIKES!

Chance took to Twitter to express his frustration with the negative reviews from his album

I’m getting this crazy feeling that people want me to kill myself," he wrote using a teary-eyed emoji. "That’s not my vibe at all, but i feel the push. And I feel like even more than that, some people want me to feel ashamed. Shame is heavy yo. And feeling shame for something that you were once prideful about is super heavy." YIKES again!

Another blow the **Chance’**s ego may also be that his album didn’t debut at number 1. Christian rapper NF came outta nowhere with his album The Search, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart for the week ending August 1. The album beat out Chance The Rapper’s debut album The Big Day by a slim margin which had to settle for second place.

Thankfully, ending this Twitter thread on a lighter note, Chance then wrote that he appreciates everyone who reached out to him and has been supportive. Then he joked about the one thing that he’s 100 percent sure of — that he loves his wife, something we all know very well by this point.

Yo Chance, we want you around my man.