Why Does Gucci Mane Wanna "Slap" The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy?


According to Gucci Mane, DJ Envy is going to have to protect his neck!

(AllHipHop Rumors) These are some interesting times we are in these days. The digital streets are talking! Gucci Mane said he's gonna slap fire out of DJ Envy! But did he? Look at this! 

Now, I looked at both of these videos on Instagram and I am almost certain that Gucci did NOT exactly say he was going to SLAP Envy.. Now, it definitely sounds like he is about to put those PAWS on DJ Envy! Now, I don't believe this is actually going to happen, because that would turn into banishment from a whole lot of media! 

Now, DJ Envy responded like a G.

Now the ball is in Gucci's court, but I think he really just wants to have a chat with Envy. They will get past this. 

But, where did this all start?

It seems like it all started from an interview with Yo Gotti, which talked about Gucci's wife Keyshia Ka’oir. 

Check this out, courtesy of The Jasmine Brand:

This is actually not that new...as I write it. 

Anyway, I think the gossip blog had already been talking about this and it finally trickled over to the Hip-Hop side. 

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CTG did an interview with Gucci and he did say he wanted that smoke with DJE for the disrespect he felt was done towards his wife like it was joke..Remember when DJE had those two dudes (forgot their names) on and DJE acted all big and tough towards the guys making them apologize to him/her on air? Well Gucci wants that same energy and needs DJE to do the same for he and his wife.

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Making assumptions or blatant disrespect and speaking the truth is 2 separate things...So he don't want smoke with Gotti because he know it would be something real but you want to smoke with nice guy Envy snd a female Angela Yee because they asked if Gotti smashed your wife before yall met. Gucci has grown and is too wise for this unless he's doing it for album sales cause sober Gucci trash