Why Is Cam'Ron Wearing A Blonde Wig?

Cam'ron decided to blonde wear a wig to a random rap battle.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Why is Cam'ron wearing a wig? First of all, let me say I understand that there is no reason for anybody to judge a man for wearing a wig. We are in another era of social freedom and men can do whatever they want. And that;'s it! Most people don't know that Cam'ron, like say 50 Cent, has a great sense of humor about him. These guys have been through the hardcore era! They have nothing to prove and have made their money to such an extent where they DGAF in my opinion.

Cam is judging some sort of rap battle. Now, these dudes are not rapping...they are playing around. So, what makes us think that Cam'ron is suddenly serious about this wig!? There is a woman in the house so I am going to assume Cam decided with his bald head that he'd do something simple-minded and funny for everybody's entertainment.

Anyway, that's that.

Speaking of hair, people are making a big deal about Rick Ross's hair or wig? They are saying its possible that he's got some sort of wig and weave. I just think he is selling some hair stuff to us.

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