Why Is Nicki Minaj Smiling So Hard?


Nicki Minaj is smiling pretty big in her new video, but why?

(AllHipHop Rumors) It seems like there's something different with Nicki Minaj. The rapper/singer/song writer has been going through it recently. The last few years have seen unparalleled competition come up. It didn't start with Cardi B, but Cardi seemed to be the silver bullet to dethrone Nicki. Nicki's Queen album was well-reviewed, but it just seemed to come at the wrong time. Now, Nicki is back. She has a pair of songs, "Megatron" and "BAPS," which she guest appears with Trina. It is looking good for Nicki....but something else is gong on.

Listen to the songs first:


Trina seems to suggest that she used to screw around with Lil Wayne, but I will come back to this when the streets start talking more. Back to Nicki.

This is what I have observed and by no means is this facts. In the video, the man seems to be her boyfriend that she got a lot of criticism for. Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty is the name and getting headlines is the GAME. Nicki and Zoo have been an item since late 2018, but their relationship actually goes back to when Nicki was a teenage. So that supersedes the fact that he was convicted in 1995 of first-degree attempted rape and also pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in 06. Now, in his defense...or something like that, Nicki says “he was 15, she was 16 … in a relationship [when that whole rape thing happed]." It did not trip up Nicki and she and Petty have been rocking ever since. He even got a massive tat on his neck with her government name on him. He's in this to WIN THIS. I say all this to say that Nicki seems HAPPY AF. I think that despite this dude's felonious past, he's actually making Nicki relax and get back to the music.

Look at this. Look at how he's looking at my booty! I mean, his booty. I mean, her booty! I want that! How'd he manage to pull this off?

There is another reason I think she's happy!

I think Nicki could be smelling blood in the water. Nicki also says, "It ain't about the race either it's the marathon." Now, some have said this is a nod to Nipsey, but I don't think so. This metaphor is very, very common. I think this is a diss. I think this is a sub to Cardi B, who is STILL fairly new to the game of rap. Now, you guys may disagree with this, but I think we are seeing some signs that Cardi B is slowing up a bit. Her song "Press" is dope and also has a zillion YouTube views, but is certainly not in line with the massive hits she's had in the past. It may just be a lead into to something else.

This "Megatron" song has hit written all over it, stark contrast to Cardi's song that feels like a street single. No shade to Cardi, but it could be music to Nicki's ears.

LASTLY, Nicki Minaj's mom, Ms. Carol Maraj dropped a new song today! Mama and daughter got songs out this week! We now know...SHE GET IT FROM HER MAMA! Nicki gotta be happy about it!

Shout out to Trina for coming back strong too.

Shout out to all the ladies out there coming up! This is looking like the year of Women!

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Lol.. She took a break to rejuvenate her strength and now she's back harder.. in other news