Why is Tekashi 69 Smiling So Hard?

Tekashi is going through some major changes!

(AllHipHop Rumors) No, Tekashi was no reunited with his adopted biological step-dad. No. He got his teeth fixed! I can't lie! I am like "Wow!" Personally, I am thinking about getting a fresh pair of veneers too now! Look at these hot chompers!

I am not made at the boy for getting his teeth fixed. But, what are pearly whites when you have tattoos on your face? Anyway, I heard he paid $12k to get all that work done, but I would assume he would get it for free since he is promoting the stuff so much. In fact, I am almost sure he either got a deep discount or got it for free. This doctor is no slouch, but I'm sure he realizes the value of what he is getting.

Call me a hater, but I like this look better.

YO! I didn't know it, but the dude Tekashi is a dad! I had no idea. I wonder if his kid has colorful hair as well