Why Jay-Z Pulled Up On Offset! Protect The Queen!


Jay-Z is not playing with anybody playing with his Queen! Beyonce is not a metaphor!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Oh shoot! Jay-Z is the real deal! We know that he has his Queen and his partner for life! His RIDE OR DIE!!! Beyonce! THIS WE KNOW! But, who knew that he was so bout that life that he would confront a rapper over a song! A proposed song at that! YES. He would and he allegedly did! Offset The Migo allegedly has a song about Cardi B, his wife, BUT...the name of the song is "She's My Beyonce." Seems harmless, right? Not when your brand is Beyonce! Now they showed Cardi B a lot of love in the early era and I'd venture to say they still do love ol' Bodak! But, a song comparing the two? NOPE. Now, are they going to fight? NAW. Is that song going to come out? NAW! Nobody is going to cross Godfather Jay-Z!