Will Cardi B Have To Pay Tax (Or Get Taxed) In LA?


Cardi B may have to shell out some money to get out of trouble after pissing off the Crips.

UPDATE: Cardi has doubled down on her Blood affiliatio and said she would rather die than get extorted. Check below. She’s a G!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Even Cardi B can admit that she messed up. A day or so ago, the rapper disrespected the worldwide Crip membership, because she decided to wear blue. But she decided to call it "Flue" on Instagram. Well, the Crips were not about to have that level of disrespect thrown their way. Eventually, Cardi had to turn the comments off the picture in question and then remove the caption. Well, she may not know, but there is the whole rest of the internet and the conversations have continued. Crips are still mad and I don't see Bloods rising up like Red Dawn in her defense.

The word on the block (or is that "clock") is that Cardi will need to pay a tax (a fine) in order to come to LA for All-Star weekend. As you know, that is one of the biggest events of the year. All the jocks, thots, ballers, shot callers and even the broke ones head out to have a weekend of fun. Cardi too. What do you think? I think its true, because people have BEEN paying a grand tax just to do biz out there. Sadly, its a normal practice. OR maybe not so sad. The Game is The Game, yo.


Places were Cardi is playing have already beefed up security - triple the normal force. Cardi is getting $250K to HOST on Friday and Saturday nights. NOT PERFORM, HOST!!!!!!

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This is how you get media attention these days without any talent. Cardi stays in the news even though she doesnt release any new music.