Will Drake Fall Off After ‘More Life’?


That Joe Budden is one opinionated rapper! As Drake’s newly released ‘More Life’ album has been well received, talks of Drake falling off after ‘More Life’ seemingly sparked by comments made previously by Joe Budden resurfaced.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Joe Budden wondered how long Drake’s career would go, and predicted that he may fall off after ‘More Life.’

Most feel that there isn’t any pressure on Drake right now, and he probably will have longevity no matter what he puts out in the future.

Drake faced a lot of criticism on his ‘Views’ album, as some felt despite the fact that it did numbers, it wasn’t stellar, and it sounded like a typical Drake album. Some even argued that his previous material was hotter.

In your opinion how is ‘More Life’ sounding to you? Is it better than ‘Views’? Does he have a classic album yet? Will he fall off after ‘More Life’? Is Drake putting out mediocre music? Can Drake ever fall off or is failing impossible for him?!

Lisen to Bodden’s previous comments below.