Will Drake Put Kodak Black On His Next Album?


Photo via Drake's Instagram

Drake seems to have a thing for cosigning new talent with a quote or dance video here and there. Drake posted a video dancing to Kodak Black's "SKRT" last year. Although the video certainly brought more attention to Kodak, he says he wishes Drake was a little bit more direct with his cosign.

“I heard about that, but I ain’t know what that did. But I just know that’s Drake, so… You trying to show me you fuck with me or what? We ain’t never talked on the phone though. I’m direct with it, so if you’re trying to show me that you f*ck with me, call me. Throw me on your album so I can get me some royalties.”

Do you want to see Kodak on 'Views From The 6'? Do you think Drake would do a song with him?