Will Drake's Next Move Have K-Pop Fans Crying Foul?

Drake might be eyeing the Korean market for some foray into the world of K-Pop!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I have never really gotten into K-Pop. I always looked at it like Hip-Hop that was Korean. And, mostly it was coined a genre of music that really picked apart Hip-Hop and repackaged it into Asian wrapping! That said, I looked up Blackpink! Now they seem to be some sort of version of 702 or Destiny's Child, with a slightly harder edge. I mean, I only watched one video, but they seem solid, contextually speaking.

Now, as far as Drake is concerned, he started following the group recently and now everybody says he's about to go K-Pop! This is mere speculation, but it certainly seem like they are of value to the Canadian King in some way or another. Do Bloods call Canada "Banada"? Just wondering. Anyway, is Drake looking to do K-Pop like he has done with world music and other aspects of Hip-Hop? I'm not in agreement with people saying he's a culture vulture for it. How can both Drake and K-Pop be culture vultures....there's nothing to pick on! I do hope Drake leaves that alone, but I am thinking he is trying to stretch out his legs creatively. To me, that means it won't be Hip-Hop.

Check out Blackpink.

Odd name, but they got views like Justin Bieber or something!

One thing is for sure: Drake doesn't care what any of us thinks about!