Will French Montana's Next Battle Be For "Dreamers"?

AllHipHop Staff

French Montana is one of the coolest musicians in Hip-Hop, but can he use his power to battle for Dreamers!

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) French Montana is one of Hip-Hop's coolest musicians.

He travels the world and performs sold out concerts delivering his global hit "Unforgettable," and when he's not performing in front of sold-out crowds, French can often be found partying and dancing with the likes of Diddy.

French is cool by nature, but there's one thing French isn't cool with and that's people who crush dreams.

Over the past year, French Montana has become more active in helping fight for social justice. The trend started after he went to Uganda to film the music video for his "Unforgettable" single.

While in Uganda, French visited a local hospital with only two functioning hospital rooms. This sparked him to want to help the citizens of the African nation.

French Montana was born in Morocco and wanted to help Uganda even though Morocco is in North Africa and over 3,000 miles away. After returning back to the US, French donated $100,000 of his own money and teamed with fellow musician The Weeknd in addition to Global Citizen, to begin helping provide the nation with better health care.

Their help allowed the hospital to expand for two rooms to 50 functioning rooms. Recently, Global Citizen named French Montana a Global Citizen Ambassador for his charitable work in Uganda.

French Montana spoke with MSNBC yesterday about the immigration ban currently affecting many different nations.

"I just feel like when you're somebody like Trump and you have that much power and leadership you should lead with love," French said.

"I just wanna open eyes. Because if it weren't for programs like DACA there would be no French Montana.," he continued.


When further asked about the topic, French spoke of the over 800,000 people being affected by the DACA program and offered one last thing.

"I think by March if the Congress don't step in they might stop people from dreaming.," said French.How do you feel about Hip-Hop’s current place in politics?