Will Griselda Respond To Agallah's New Diss?


The beef between Griselda Records and Agallah continues on...

(AllHipHop Rumors) I hope Griselda Records doesn't see this. Last time, somebody saw it and told Westside Gunn! He got mad at me! I wasn't even doing anything, but reporting on the beef. 

Here we are again. The situation with Agallah and Griselda goes back quite some time. I am not sure what the latest is....what caused this song. I know this: it all started over Sean Price. Aggy is from Brownsville like P and they go way back. Also, Griselda's Gunn did a song with P and they were all pretty cool, I believe. I could be wrong, but I think they tried to collaborate but it didn't happen. Ag wanted it to happen and Griselda didn't....for whatever reason. Then there was the alleged disrespect of Sean Price. I wasn't able to find the IG Live where they allegedly happened, but Agallah charges Price wouldn't have cared about Griselda without HIS co-sign. 

ANYWAY....there is no mention of Price in the new song and he claims he is dissing them because they are fake. 

He's also a producer that has been making beats for Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Sean Price, Saigon, Busta Rhymes, Remy Ma and was down with The Diplomats-affiliated crew Purple City. So, don't sleep on Ag...he still dope...check out this song with him and Ras Kass and a few others. 

Anyway, Griselda is doing songs with Drake. They definitely winning right now. 

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I'm old enough to remember when "Agallah" was profiled in the Source magazine's "Unsigned Hype" section under the name "8 Off The Assassin". He's should be grateful to still be making $$$ off of Hip Hop all these years later. I don't know what his beef is with Griselda but those dudes are on fire right now. I'm loving everything they drop (new) or have dropped (Old)!!


Boys never been in the westside. Never seen them in the hood. On the block all day and never seen these boys


You know you done fucked up right these real niggas the whole city will cosign it keep it fam they comin