Will HBO Drop Charlamagne? Joe Budden Comments On The Allegations Of Rape!

Charlamagne is the topic of discussion and, boy, are people like Joe Budden talking a lot!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Charlamagne is in a world of ish. First things first. Charlamagne is one of the biggest names in urban media at this point. Sure, whites in Minnesota may not know who he is, but they don't matter right now! Will HBO drop him? For those that don't know, C Tha God has a talk show coming on HBO! I was looking forward to it, but now, it seems like there is an ongoing investigation into the brother's past actions and past comments about rape. If you wanna get granular, go somewhere else like here. But, he's not been convicted of rape, but has copped to much lesser charges. What is on the record, is that he's used liquor and other things like "Spanish Fly" to help him obtain sex from women. There's also the statutory allegations, which are quite problematic for the star. There is no indication on whether or not HBO will ride with C, but I am going to go with history and say that it will be difficult for a mainstream

In this Joe Budden podcast thing, he says its "distasteful," but does not attempt to body C. He does note that Charlamagne had plenty to say when Joey was faced with all those domestic violence charges. Check it out.