Will Jay-Z Get Caught Up In The R. Kelly Mess?

Dame Dash is doing a lot of talking and Jay-Z and R. Kelly are all in the chatter.

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know I am a huge Jay-Z fan! The dude has gone from a pawn in the game to the absolute King of Hip-Hop. Well, his rise has not been without mistakes. R. Kelly was definitely a mistake! And now, people are talking about so much that was going on back then, including the album and numerous songs that R. Kelly and Jay-Z did. Now, Dame Dash is doing a lot of talking and he did a long interview with Nick Cannon. Check it out.

Dame Dash added a comment on the end of the original post:

"and again defending another man on this platform is no Bueno unfollow if your built like that this page is #suckerfree I can speak on my experience anytime I want they are mine #evolvewithus@culturevultures_book available now @nickcannon make sure you show everything don’t cut out your questions or responses that convo must be seen as it was spoken bro"

I am not sure what Dame means by "defending another man on this platform." First of all, why do people act like Instagram is their platform? Its not. That is Facebook's platform, but I digress. I get it, people want to feel empowered. But does he mean Jay-Z or R. Kelly? You already know, people are going to defend Jay-Z until the bitter end. Some are going to defend R. Kelly to the bitter end even though he's a pedophile in the eyes of most people.

Here is Fiesta, where Dame Dash got his party on too.

Nick Cannon owned his transgressions.