Will Kanye Beat Diddy, Jay-Z And Dr. Dre To Billionaire Status?

Kim Kardashian West recently revealed some astonishing news to Jimmy Kimmel about her husband Kanye West.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors)Kim Kardashian West is definitely a ride or die chick. She stands behind everything Kanye and is always promoting things created by her husband Kanye West.

The socialite is famous and wealthy in her own right. Her various businesses are bringing in some major dough.

Recently Kim appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel show. There she was asked about her sister Kylie Jenner becoming a billionaire.

Kimmel would go on to ask Kim if she was close to becoming a billionaire. A question she answered by stating "I would say my husband is. That makes me one, right?”

The answer caught many off guard with the thought off Kanye becoming a billionaire. However a valuation was recently done on Kanye's Yeezy company and the company was valued at $1.5 billion.

Since Kanye is the majority share holder that means he is entitled to a sum that inches him closer to the billion dollar point if he sells.

Will Kanye West become Hip-Hop's next billionaire?