Will Ludacris Battle Tekashi 69!?

The rumors around the beef with Tekashi 69 and Luda seems to be heating up...lyrics?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Is Ludacris ready to go at Tekashi 69. I know. I know this is silly. And I know that in the world of actual rap, there is no question who is the more talented rapper. That would be Luda. But, this is 2018 - not 2008. Luda is one of the all time greats in Hip-Hop and continues to do incredible things in entertainment. As a rapper, he has not gotten quite the same sort of traction as in the past. But that does NOT mean he is wack. On the other side, Tekashi 69 is the man of the hour, sort of. He's not quite a rapper, but definitely one of the most entertaining guys in rap. People hate to love him and love to talk about ol' Tekkie!

Now, as this beef thing begins to brew and the insults fly, it seems like Ludacris may be ready to jump in the booth. Now, in this video you see he does jump in the booth. But what is he there for?

Now, I cannot tell a lie. I though this was just Luda in the booth doing a new song to promote his upcoming Luda Day, now a staple in Atlanta. But, the internets are trying to make this out to be a response. I can't really see it! I think Tekkie will continue to slang insults at the homie Luda and question his relevance, but not drop any bars. Bars don't matter to 69, in my view. He'd rather do a IG vid.