Will Nick Cannon Replace Wendy Williams & What's REALLY Going On With The Host?

Wendy Williams is the talk of the town...coke, abuse, disease...its all here.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wendy Williams has made a decades long career off of her ability to take gossip about other people and spew it over the air waves of TV and Radio. Now, this has made her a pioneer and also a pariah! I cannot say I hate Wendy. She's never mentioned my name, but she is has mentioned a lot of celebrities, many of which hate her. Late last year, it all started to unravel for WW. Wendy has not been back on her show since late last year. We have seen Nick Cannon as one of the guest hosts. I think they are setting up Nick Cannon as the heir apparent to replace Nick. Nick is killing it on social media and TV, wayyyyyyyyyyy past Wild'n Out. It feels like he's hosting everything moving! I am hearing that they are going to make a strong play to bump Wendy once and for all and insert Nick Cannon. That would be CRAZY. BUT, here is the crazy catch...I am hearing that these rumblings are coming from her OWN STAFF. I am not sure why, but there seems to be a movement from several fronts to unseat WW.

Moving right along.

What is going on with Wendy? There are a number of rumors swirling around the rumorista! First things first, Wendy is rumored to have a Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder as well as a shoulder injury that has required hospitalization. Then there is the other stuff, which is more saucy. First of all, there are rumors that she is under the thumb of an abusive spouse. A recent post on Page 6 they outlined at length Wendy's alleged problems with Kevin Hunter. “She would hide in the bathroom and tell me to knock on the door when he left the office so she wouldn’t have to see him,” said one source that used to intern for Williams. “You’d hear slaps or some type of tussling going on,” said the intern.

And then there are the allegations of drug use.

Before we go to that, I want to give Wendy credit for speaking OUT against drug use, especially recently. She was on Fox New York with our own Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur recently.

She spoke every passionately about this drug situation to Lisa Evers, but it has not stopped the rumors from flowing with equal vigor. The New York Post's Page 6 says:

The talk-show host has been candid about a decade-long cocaine addiction during her 20s and 30s. In July 2018, Williams told “Entertainment Tonight” that it’s a “miracle” she’s sober now. But demons still seemed to haunt her into her 40s and 50s. “Wendy does everything really hard,” said a former employee of Williams’ national radio show, “The Wendy Williams Experience,” which aired from 2002 to 2009. Referring to Williams’ radio days, the source said, “If she’s drinking, it’s bottles and bottles."

Seems like they are throwing shade right there. Anyway, Wendy is reportedly terrified she will actually lose her whole a$$ show. Those emotions seems to be warranted.

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