Will North West Pacify Drake For Kanye West?


Kanye West uses lil North to send an olive branch to Drake.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am dying to know what Drake has on Kanye West! Now, I know they supposedly deaded their beef...right? Their beef wasn't really even a beef! But, remember the words of J. Prince? He repeatedly refers to "poor Kanye" but does not go too far with it. Kanye took him, "'I'm a family man and I don't want this either.'" Well, Kanye The Family Man is allegedly using his daughter North to keep Drake off his arse! Look at this!

Isn't North a bit old to be talking like that? That is no disrespect to the child, but it seems interesting.

What does DRAKE HAVE ON HIM! Even though Kanye and Drake seemed to find peace on a two-way street, I am not convinced that all is well. Drake's energy has remained constant.Now, some have said that this is just Kanye being cool and that there is not much else to it. Right now, I am going to say that Kanye is "pandering" to Drake to make sure everything stays cool. Surely, Drake wouldn't ether Kanye when he knows it would also damage the kids of Kim and Kanye Kardashian? I bet he'll try to get Drake for Watch The Throne 2. LOL!

Watch the J. Prince interview.