Will The Geto Boys Continue Without Bushwick Bill?


Will the Geto Boys keep making music and touring?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am hearing different things. Lets start off with the position of Bushwick Bill's familia. Rest in peace to the little big man. Bushwick's son stated quite clearly from his perspective that "there is no Geto Boys without Bushwick Bill." That's the son, clearly not a member of the group. I think he was highly emotional because when he made that proclamation, Scarface and Willie D has said on Instagram that Bill had died. Scarface posted an image that was odd, it was just the two of them and no Bill at all. Just the RIP. Anyway, I think that was poor IG execution, not malice and hatred. So, that is the position of the BB family.

On the other side, I am hearing that the Geto Boys WILL continue with just Willie D and Scarface. Seems weird. Why? They really don't get together all that much to do things. Face is actually running for councilman down in Houston and has proclaimed that "Scarface is dead." So how can the Geto Boy continue when one is literally in the essence and the other is saying "I don't do this anymore"? And Willie D is an accomplished cultural critic now. Anyway, the bigger question is CAN the Geto Boys continue without Bushwick Bill?

One thing is for certain, Bushwick Bill lives on in his music, past and future. He finished his last album before he passed away. I hope its classic!

It is all ever so clear.

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Onlya non hip-hop head would even question this... If course they can move forward. No group in Hiphop history has had more roster changes than The Geto Boys.

One album with none of them... One album with no Willie D, one album with not Bill. They can absolutely move on.

But RIP Chuckwick


His absence will cost them a lot.. But I'm pretty sure they'll bounce back..