Wiz Khalifa and His Baby-Maker Album

How will Wiz do as an R&B singer? Looks like we are about to find out!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wiz has made a name and a brand of himself off if his chill demeanor and classic, smokers-friendly songs. We’ve heard him do some minor crooning in the past, but nothing like what he’s now promising to hit us with.

Wiz sat down at #TheCruzShow with Power 106 to discuss his next ballad banger. With 20 songs already in the vault, it’s clear that Wiz is NOT playing about his new sound. "My next album is all singing. Like full on,” ...100 percent, I have a vocal coach. She taught me some things I didn’t even know about my voice”.

I’m just wondering if he’s aiming for the Trey Songz approach or the Chris Brown sing/rap appeal. Either way, Wiz always delivers!