Woah Vicky Got Real Woes With Cops For Pointing Gun At Snoop Dogg!

Woah Vicky is getting a lot attention now and it's always for the wrong reasons.

By Ne' Richa (@IAmNeRicha)

(AllHipHop Rumors) If it’s one thing about social media...it’s that it puts a hefty Duracell battery in the backs of those who wanna play tough but don’t have the heart too.

Take for example Woah Vicky. She’s an Instagram star with 1.4 million followers to her brand, and a notorious reputation for reclaiming all 25% of her African heritage while she parades the streets looking to pick fights and drop n-bombs.

She’s a character alright, and not a very convincing one, as she recently got herself in some hot tap water that could potentially land her a charge.

Ms. Woah decided to take to IG to “pop tuff,” firearm in hand and her IDGAF attitude in full blossom while she exclaimed

“F##k you, Snoop Dogg, P##sy b##ch…You probably got AIDS with your old ass…you look like a Chihuahua with your old ass.”

I’m 31, and can’t remember the last time anyone has publicly came for Uncle Snoop. She’s got balls, nerf balls, and she wears them proudly.

Unfortunately, however, Marietta police seem not too fond of Queen Woah’s ways and are apparently investigating the incident.

The condemning video has since been removed, and the Woahster has issued an apology for the act (probably as a response to the Cali skreets...I’m sure a Snoop affiliate slid in the DMs on this one).

Will Victoria’s secret finally be revealed that she ain’t “bout that life?” Let’s hope it does before she makes any more public Faux pas that could get her snatched, dragged, n X’d off the map...courtesy of the skreets.